Before you can place an order for coverage from any of NARs In-House collections of historical aerial photography, we first need to confirm that the photography covers your site.  Therefore, we will need to know certain information about the area in question so we can determine whether or not one or more of our collections includes photos that cover your site.

(Note: NAR In-House photography is always included on AerialsearchTM Quick Search and AerialsearchTM Full Search reports.  For this reason, we always recommend our customers order a standard Quick Search first)

Once we have the information we need from you, we will search through our photography records and indexes to see if the site in question is covered by any of the appropriate collections.  Once we have the results we will send you a report listing any available years covered by our collections. For some requests we will often be able to get a report back to you the same day. 


Standard Prints
    Standard prints of NAR In-House photography are 8" x 9" digital prints, produced on photographic-quality paper.  They are high resolution prints, able to be viewed at magnifications up to 8X without noticeable picture degradation.
Cost: $80.00 per photo

True Photo Prints

Standard High Resolution Digital Images
    Standard high resolution digital images of NAR In-House photography contain the entire negative frame, and are scanned at a resolution of 2000 Dots Per Inch.  They are normally saved in TIFF file format, and shipped on CDs or DVDs, depending on file size.
Cost: $95.00 per photo

Custom Products
    Custom products can include enlargement prints,
Cost: Custom Products Require Specialized Pricing

Letters of Certification
    Letters of certification, often requested for legal proceedings to substantiate not only when a photo was taken and by whom, but also to state that it is a true representation of the negative and has not been augmented or tampered with for a particular effect.  NAR offers letters of certification for both it's print and digital image products.
Cost: $35.00 per letter

Please note that there is also a $5.00 processing fee for each year of coverage ordered (regardless of how many photos may be necessary for proper site coverage from each year).

Standard Estimated Turnaround
is + or - 2 Weeks*

Rush Service
is 1 Week or less and Doubles the Total Order Price


If we have identified photography in one or more of our collections that you wish to purchase, simply contact us by phone or email, citing the specific years that you intend to order listed in the report.  Once you have specified the desired years, you'll receive an Order Confirmation sheet detailing the full up-front payment cost we will require, not including handling/shipping fees.  It will also have the available shipping options for you to select, and a space for your authorized signature.  We cannot officially place your order without this signature, as it substantiates the fact that you have placed the order with us.  When you have signed off on the confirmation and selected the shipping options you want, send the Order Confirmation back to us and your photography order will be officially placed.

*Estimated turnaround for NAR in-house photography products is + or - 2 weeks, after receiving the payment specified on your Order Confirmation sheet, because in most instances we must receive the payment before we can begin processing your order.  Read more about estimated turnaround times here.

Please note: A Full Search (limited to NAR coverage) may be required to determine available coverage from some of NAR's In-House collections.  In the event that such a search would be required, we will send you a report listing all possible coverage needing to be verified, so you can decide if you feel photography would be worth the added search expense.

To find out if any of NAR's In-House historical aerial photography collections has coverage you need.

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