When placing an order for an Aerialsearch™ report, or inquiring about photography from any of NAR's 5 In-House historical photography collections, our staff will require some information about you and your site for the purpose of getting back to you and limiting the results to your desired location and time period(s).

What Information We'll Need From You

Contact Information (So that we can get the results to you)

Site Information (So that we can search our records for the exact location)

    1. We prefer to send and receive documents to and from customers through faxes, but can resort to email for customers who do not have ready access to a fax machine.
    2. If  you have no way of finding out the co-ordinates for your site, NAR staff researchers can generate the co-ordinates based on the rest of the information you provide, but this will make the process take longer,
    3. We prefer maps to be sent to us as faxes, rather than in emails, whenever possible
If you are unable to provide any map of your desired site, NAR staff researchers can generate a map based on the rest of the information you provide.  Once a map of the overall area has been generated, we will send it to you so that you can outline the total boundaries of your site (with a black marker) and send it back to us.  It is important that we know the entire boundaries of your site, not only to make our search results more accurate but also so that we can ensure your whole area is visible within any photos that you may decide to order.

Accepted Payment Methods
NAR can only accept personal checks, cashier's checks and money orders.  At present, all payments must be in US funds.
We cannot accept credit cards, paypal transactions, traveler's checks, or CODs.
For more information about payment methods, click here.

Orders are shipped USPS, or with a customer's FedEx, or UPS account, at the customer's option.  We do not ship internationally.
For more information about shipping, click here.

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