Aerial Photography Reports with the AerialsearchTM Services

Why choose National Aerial Resources as your aerial photo search service?

How do historical aerial photo searches work with National Aerial Resources?

NAR offers 2 different grades of  reports listing historical photography available from various different sources, including those of both public record and privately owned companies,  from across the country.  These are our AerialsearchTM Quick Search report and our AerialsearchTM Full Search report services.

The Quick Search Report

National Aerial Resources' AerialsearchTM Quick Search summary lists only coverage from the most accurate and reliable records available, which photography we can therefore be reasonably certain to exist without needing to conduct further, more time-consuming research.  A Quick Search report usually only takes a few days to be generated and delivered, plus it's free, so it not only gives customers fast results but also reliable ones. We strongly recommend customers looking for historical aerial photography order a Quick Search for their area of interest first, before they commit funds to ordering more thorough and expensive research.  Many customers find photography to meet their needs just from the records listed on Quick Search reports alone.

How to order a free Quick Search

The Full Search Report

If a Quick Search doesn't yield enough of the historical aerial coverage a customer is looking to find, then it's time to consider ordering an AerialsearchTM Full Search.  A Full Search performed by National Aerial Resources' staff digs much deeper than a Quick Search, sorting through old, dubious, partial, and disorganized records to find coverage that is usually difficult to obtain or otherwise largely unlocatable by other means.

Our current rate for this research is $75.00 for up to the first hour, and $35.00 for each additional hour NAR staff members spend conducting this research. If you choose, you can pre-order a maximum number of research hours to be spent, at the end of which time we will send you a report detailing whatever results we have thus far obtained, whereat you will have the option of ordering further research hours or considering the research to be completed, at which point you will receive the total bill.

Note that though in the course of this research we may have to wait for information to come in from individual sources, you will only be billed for the total time accrued by NAR staff members in looking through and analyzing the data.

Please also note that in the event a source we contact must charge us for compiling and sending data to us, we will have to notify you of this and obtain your authorization for the additional expense, before we can request said source to proceed. Under normal conditions any such extra fees are simply added to the final research bill.

How to order a Full Search

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